Thursday, April 21, 2016

A Tribute to Motherhood

This is for all the fathers and mothers to be, for you to appreciate the true beauty and warmth of a new baby coming into this world, and a true appreciation of the motherhood.

It was a culmination of 37 weeks of excitement, pain and restlessness. Kavitha got admitted on 4th Sept 2008, at 0630 am in Apollo hospital, Bangalore..During her last delivery, we had a traumatic experience of a normal delivery getting converted in to a C section after Ammu’s head came out. So we were prepared for a C section from day one. The delivery was postponed to 1030 am as some emergency cases had come up. The wait outside the labor room is painful. I managed to go in and check on Kavitha few times, as Ammu got close to the nurses . The doctor came and said, that she is being shifted to the Operation Theatre at 1st floor, and we accompanied her.

I went in to meet the doctor, and asked her, if I can join Kavi in the Labor room. She wanted me to be very sure, and checked if I’m comfortable with seeing blood and the procedure as such. Seeing my confidence, she agreed and sent me to the change room. My Mom wasn’t aware that I’m going in.  I went in then change room, and a technician explained me what I’m supposed to do. I then realized, why the doctor was reconfirming. In the previous surgery, the husband had a panic attack on seeing blood and had fainted in the Operation theatre . I was asked to wait , as they prepared her for the surgery . The technician told me that the monitors are being installed and then she would be given a local anesthesia. 

When Kavi had conceived, her blood tests had revealed Toxoplasma infection. ( . Almost all such cases are aborted. We were informed about the risks involved in the pregnancy and for the new born, if we go ahead with the delivery. We went through every possible journal and paper on toxoplasmosis and consulted with friends who were doctors and experts in the area. We had taken a brave and risky call to go ahead with the pregnancy. We had made up our mind to face what comes. The risks involved having a baby with serious medical conditions including deformity and sensory issues. All this was running through my mind as I waited.

I was called into the labor room after few minutes, and the doctors had started the procedure. I was made to sit beside Kavitha, and a screen was put to conceal the surgery. I held on to her hand and sat there. I could see through the screen as the lights on the other side were bright. I could see doctor cutting open the wound and I knew it’s anytime now. Kavi was calm and I think my presence was a surprising reassurance for her too. The doctor told us that when the baby is to be taken out, they would be pushing her stomach hard, to push the baby out. After a minute they asked me to stand up, and I saw the amazing site of my baby’s head coming out of Kavi. They pushed and in a flash the baby was out. The doctor said, “ It’s a Boy “ … Kavi squeezed my hand in rejoice. I almost had a tear down my eye. The doctor cut the placenta and showed me the baby.A nurse took the baby and asked me to follow him. We went into another room, and he started cleaning the baby up. The pediatrician joined him. He put a tube in the baby’s nostrils and squeezed out some fluid with a syringe. Once they cleaned him they wrapped him in a towel. The pediatrician looked at me and gave me a thumbs up. He knew about the toxoplasmosis history. He was there to examine the child and ensure he was free of any complication. His thumbs up relieved me of the last straw of doubt. We had a healthy baby.

We took him back to the labor room. He showed the baby to Kavi and she gave him the first kiss.I told her that the baby is healthy .I went back, changed and ran to give the news to my Mom, her mom and Ammu who were waiting outside. My respect for mother hood had grown many folds. I urge all would be fathers to join your spouse and see this amazing heart touching sight. I urge all would be mothers to ensure your spouse joins you.

This is one day of your life, you will remember for ever. A true tribute to motherhood.

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