Monday, August 9, 2010

Its a good day

When the sun is up,

As the day gets bright

So am I up

In all my might

Its easy to give up

Its easy to lose it

But, I'm a fighter

And I cant lose it

All I need is you

To hold me to you

When I reach there

I won’t be alone

You’ll take me there

As with me, you have flown

As I wish myself a good day

I know its going to be our day.

Im sorry- For I took it away

I'm Sorry

For this is a personal apology

You shared it all with me,

You shared your mind, soul, heart

You let me touch you, hold you, cuddle you

Never did you say a no to me,

Never let me down when I needed you

You let me take your most priced possession,

I took it away from you

You let me share your body with me.

I let you down; I made you feel losing your self respect

I deserve no sympathy, cos I failed you again.

What I have for you is pure, and what I'm losing is the purest

If no one sees me again, it’s not cos you hate me

It is cos, I hate myself.

I'm sorry