Monday, June 29, 2009

Rain is fun ...

It rained in Bangalore yesterday also.
Ammu was playing with her friends, when the rains started. They had to take a shelter in the corridors. I know how much she likes the rains. When we were in Cochin, she would insist on walking in the rains with her rain coat. She would not come back in.

I was enjoying the rain. Ammu was shouting at me to come into the corridor. I told her to come out instead. She probably was confused and hence she hesitated. Then she ran towards me, and we walked in the drizzle. The rest of the kids stood in the shade.

As we reached the gate, we saw pools of water that was accumulating. I was telling ammu, how much fun we used to have as kids, playing in the rains. I don’t remember getting a cough or a cold then. May be the rains were not polluted then, and we were not eating much of contaminated food either...Anyways, as the rain intensified, we took shelter. It was a small sun shade , that we were standing under, and both of us were getting splashed with the rain. I felt good being a kid myself.

As the rain seized, the kids slowly came out so did we. I could see what Ammu was eyeing…the small pools of water in the tar way. It just needed a nod from me, and out in a flash she went. Before the other kids realized what happened, Ammu was jumping in and out of the water pools. The other kids again seem confused and were looking at me. I smiled, as if to say, Do it at your risk. Next thing I see was, the entire battalion jumping up and down, splashing water. All of them were getting soaked, but who cares.

As we walked back, still splashing water with our feet, almost drenched but laughing our hearts out, I wondered how many parents would come searching for me to ask How dare I made their kids play in the rain and now they are sick.

As i was boarding ammu to her school bus today morning, her friend asked." uncle, will it rain today”???

Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael Jackson - We Will Miss You

The first memories of MJ is of the Jackson 5. I remember having seen it in one of the late night shows of Doordarsan.

I remember sitting jaw dropped watching his moon walk.

Micheal Jackson, then came in picture as my first information of Plastic Surgery. Even now when i hear the term, MJ's face comes as a recall.

Controversial as he could be, wheather it being abused by his father as a child, His memories shared with Oprah, His facelift surgeries, His mansion, His debts, His sexuality, His relationships, His shopping trips with face covers,His child abuse allegations, His dangling of his child over the balcony and the latest conversion to Islam...I dont think any man can be this controversial and still be an ICON to a generation.

Im not a hard core MJ fan, who would have his room filled with MJ posters. But my generation carried him in our hearts as the King of POP.

The Guinness World Record for the "Most Successful Entertainer of All Time" proves what he was.

I believe, he was an entertainer and his personal life or his looks had nothing to do with what he did to entertain us. He lived his life the way he wanted it to be.

Many accredit his haywire living to the abuses he suffered as a child, no justifications, as controversies kept following him...or may be he was attracting them.

To me MJ is an icon...I loved his music...He entertained me...

Micheal, You were BAD, You were a thriller, and you healed the world.

We miss you...

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Wilma Rudolph- An inspiration

One night Ammu wanted a bed time story, and i cudnt recollect any, so shared Wilma rudolph's story with her...When i used to take trainings for school kids, this was one story i used to tell them...
She has got hooked to her since ...

Its not just about a Black kid making it big...To me its about the struggles of an underprivileged mother, 21 other siblings, and the sheer will power of a small girl..

This is Wilma's story
Wilma Rudolph was born into a large family -- she was the 20th of 22 children! Her parents, Ed and Blanche Rudolph, were honest, hardworking people, but were very poor. Mr. Rudolph worked as a railroad porter and handyman. Mrs. Rudolph did cooking, laundry and housecleaning for wealthy white families.

Wilma was born prematurely and weighed only 4.5 pounds. Again, because of racial segregation, she and her mother were not permitted to be cared for at the local hospital. It was for whites only. There was only one black doctor in Clarksville, and the Rudolph's budget was tight, so Wilma's mother spent the next several years nursing Wilma through one illness after another: measles, mumps, scarlet fever, chicken pox and double pneumonia. But, she had to be taken to the doctor when it was discovered that her left leg and foot were becoming weak and deformed. She was told she had polio, a crippling disease that had no cure. The doctor told Mrs. Rudolph that Wilma would never walk. But Mrs. Rudolph would not give up on Wilma. She found out that she could be treated at Meharry Hospital, the black medical college of Fisk University in Nashville. Even though it was 50 miles away, Wilma's mother took her there twice a week for two years, until she was able to walk with the aid of a metal leg brace. Then the doctors taught Mrs. Rudolph how to do the physical therapy exercises at home. All of her brothers and sisters helped too, and they did everything to encourage her to be strong and work hard at getting well. Finally, by age 12, she could walk normally, without the crutches, brace, or corrective shoes. It was then that she decided to become an athlete.

On September 7th, 1960, in Rome, Wilma became the first American woman to win 3 gold medals in the Olympics. She won the 100-meter dash, the 200-meter dash, and ran the anchor on the 400-meter relay team.

Thank you Wilma, for being so inspirational...

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Want to sit on the beach….

Look at the sea…

Hear the waves….

Feel the breeze…

And feel at bliss, cos I share it all with you….

The love of my life

As the wind brushes us,

As the wave pamper us,

Let me hug you tight,

As if to say, I'm holding my life.

As I write your name on the sand,

As I challenge the waves to run over it,

I'm scared if the wave would reach it…

Cos I cant stand to see that..

As we walk down the beach,

As the sun calls it a day,

I whisper in your ear,

Let this be a new start..

The dad in me ...

Wanna hold u as u walk..

Wanna guide u when u r lost..

Wanna cuddle u when u sleep..

Wanna smile when u laugh..

Wanna grab u when u fall..

Wanna pamper u when u r sad..

Wanna kiss u when u expect..

Wanna watch u when u grow..

Wanna be proud when u win..

Wanna shoulder u when u lose..

Wanna be the best dad, the proudest one ever...