Friday, May 27, 2011

Me and Time

The Alarm rang again... I need a way to permanently shut him down.... for ever ,I mean.

I never wore a watch, cos it reminds me of time. Nor did i ever keep a clock at home. I never liked time anyways. I would wake up when i woke up and sleep when i slept.

Why is my life time bound I thought. I slept late everyday, a late night movie after my daily quota of whiskey or whiskeys on the rocks.
The party went for long . Dont remember who dropped me, but someone would have. They had to be back in time, unlike me. Who ever dropped me, I thank you .
Oh yes, yeah,,, I do work .

I chase time lines, or do time lines chase me? I'm not sure.

Now, , Im waking up ............cos the alarm is still ringing.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

One of those days

Then there are those days, when you start off in the worst possible way possible. When things looks the worst and the day looks bleak. You desperately want to get out in the open , wish the wind blows the freshness on your face and you be with the one you want to be with...

Few days happen that way. They normally start bad and end bad. And then you try to crash into the bed cursing yourself on an absolute screwed up day.

What can you say of a day that started bad, and absolutely miserable as today , and ended up being one of the days you want to remember for a long long time.

I had such a day, and as of now i'm enjoying the savories, i know how lucky I am.

Let me crash into the bed with a smile :)