Thursday, November 26, 2009

An year after 26/11

26/11 is not just a reflection of Mumbai's spirit; it’s also a day to stand united against the insiders and outsiders who sell our motherland.

Endless TV debates and protests rallies culminated in nothing.

What we all thought would be the start of a new era isn’t a start yet.

We watch our political leadership sling mud on each other, while enjoying Z category protection for himself and Y category for his relatives.

The tax payer’s money which should give him better security ends up being used in providing cover these - burden on mother earth – leaders.

The common man on the street even today is a sitting duck for any one to come and shoot at.

The leaders are more bothered on who speaks and doesn’t speak Marathi. He is worried on who shouts Jai Ram and who shouts Ya Ali.

They spend 2600 crore to build their own statues, an act worthy of the dictators who flourished eating up the poor mans crop.

They fight like stray dogs inside the temple of democary, our parliament, which has transformed into a millionaires club today. Their asset worthiness grows into multiple fonts after each election..


The police men who guard the Taj hotel in Mumbai, don’t have a shelter to live in. They have made the Gateway of India into a makeshift shelter. Shame on us ???

The soldier in the border still puts his life on line 24 X 7 to guard us from our “friendly” neighbors. Our leadership still can’t decide if there is infiltration in the border or not. The parties fight to claim their stance.

The NSG commandos protect the 90 year old dads of Indian politicians, as if he is the greatest Indian treasure, whom the world is behind to kill.

Are we bothered? We should be…

But luckily for these Leaders or Dealers, we are not bothered. Our reaction ends up in an online platform or a TV debate. Unluckily for our motherland, she still gets sold in the market .

I salute the brave Indian soldier and wish our leaders never become dealers again... Jai Hind.


Jayadev said...


Your true feelings on the subject come through - I hope the authorities take acton now because many Indians have reacted in this fashion and the powers that-be know it in no uncertain terms.

Its time for action from all quarters - except from the terrorists side!

Vipin said...

we, protest, shout, rally till we can
they rest [ shamelessly], flout[happily], and crappily handle our fates!!