Saturday, September 19, 2009

So Far, Yet so Near

I feel you so near,

I know you are here.

We may be away and apart,

I know you are my part.

Your Breath is that warm,

I know you are in my arm.

Your heart beats in my ear,

I know the day is near.

Close my eyes and i reach you,

I know its nothing but true.


Jayadev said...

You know what! The lines made me feel that you are talking about our mortality. We live, feel alive .. but death is just one breath away, one step away, a moment away... every mmoment of our life. There, yet not there till THAT moment.

Death, the one true lover who will never leave us!

Manoj Thelakkat said...

A very deep part Jaydev...

I intended the more subtle side of me...The romantic me which keeps waking up once a while

Ananya said...

Its nice to wake ur romantic side once in a'll lead to very creative pursuits like the one you had for this:)

I felt that u were in search of that long lost love who is still embedded in your memories and you could feel her still alive deep inside you:)