Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Addicted to Mango

I'm addicted to mango. I'm a mango freak.

Last year when I had a minor surgery and the doc was advising me of what to eat, he said, Mangoes are best for you … What else I needed, the whole of last year, it was mangoes, all shapes and sizes. Raw ones, semi ripe ones and fully ripe ones, I ate them all day every day.

They say, the taste diminishes as you eat them more. With me and mangoes, it has never happened.

I remember the mango tree back home in Palakkad. It flowers only alternate years. And when it does, its one sight you won’t want to miss. I would get my share of those mangoes where ever I am. My dad somehow ensures that. He would get someone to pluck all of them safely, pack them in boxes filled with hay, ripen them and sends them to us. He has even couriered them to my uncles and aunts in Mumbai and Goa. They taste so yummy. You won’t want to even try them when they are raw. They are good only for pickle. But when they are ripe, they are the tastiest mangoes I have ever eaten.

In Bangalore, I do not have many choices. I wander around super markets to pick good ones. The risk of paying a bombshell and then getting a bad mango is very much real.

Best part of Bangalore is what they call the Mango Lassi. I even forget sugar cane juice, which otherwise is my lifeline when outside on the roads. This season it’s all mango Lassi.

I probably have too much of them, but I'm not a health freak. I am just a mango freak.


Srishti Padathiyaar said...

hehehehe.. Found someone like me !!!!!! :P

Deepa Gopal said...

CT...just peek into my blog...I have something for you. Pls bear with me...

Unknown said...

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