Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Competition ? There is none

I have been reading about this " Competitive World" syndrome off-late. Hence this post.
Competition is handled by understanding you opponent, his/her strengths, weaknesses. You then understand your strength/weakness. Work on your strengths that can win over your opponent's weaknesses, and if you succeed to beat that, you win !
Whom are you competing with ? With the 7 lac kids who wrote the exam together ? How can you compete with them, not even knowing who they are ?
When it comes to a job, you can't compete either. You are selected based on a test, an interview. What stands out is only you, against the benchmark set for that role. There is no opponent there.
We have over years, craft-fully fallen prey to the whole gimmick of the invisible competitor , who in reality doesn't exist.
85% of the jobs that exist today will become obsolete in a decade. 70% of are not doing the jobs that we got educated for . What are you preparing your kids to compete against ?
High time we teach ourselves and our kids that the world is big enough for everyone to co-exist and win our own bread. It need not be competed, because the one you are fighting with in disguise of competition is yourself ! And you will never win that battle.
Let the kids enjoy their childhood, without fear. Let them learn from mistakes, Let them choose their path. Just be the guiding angels.


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