Thursday, July 2, 2009

Love is no more a criminal offence - Thanks to Delhi High Court

In a historic judgement, the Delhi High Court on Thursday decriminalized homosexuality by striking down section 377 of the Indian Penal Code. The Section 377 of the IPC as far as it criminalizes gay sex among consenting adults is violation of fundamental rights, said the high court.

This would have far reaching results. Finally we are starting to accept the fact that there is something called as individual freedom. I’m sure religious leaders would come all out to protest against this verdict. The legal battle will continue. But I’m happy for the fact that the court has finally decided to scrap a 150 year old law written by the British. This law puts Homosexuality at par with Sex with animals. It says homosexuality is Unnatural.

I heard few debates where the representatives of the church, the mosque and the temples where debating on why should homosexuals be treated as out-castes. They say it’s a deranged mind that’s in action. I felt these religious leaders are the one with deranged minds. They are the ones who need immediate psychiatric attention.

Most religious texts propagate reproduction and carrying forward life as man’s most important task. How do you explain unmarried priests and nuns? Is it not a sinful act then? Isn’t it against their god and against religion? They claim Quran permits polygamy for men. How religious is it to enjoy four women and then sit and dissect the sexual preferences of Gays?

How does one justify the lack of back bones in our politicians, who want to consult these very religious leaders before taking a decision on Section 377?

I’m for once happy that Judiciary is the saving grace in a land where blindfolded politicians and religious leaders live in the pre British era.

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