Monday, December 1, 2008

Sentry - A poem by a Soldier

As Mumbai settles down, Im embroiled with anger and anguish on the system we live in.

This poem "SENTRY" was written by soldier on a post atop a desolate mountain ... It came as a mail from my good friend Major Jerry, who was a course mate of Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan, who fought the terrorists and gave his life to save us.

My Salute to all those Soldiers and their families who make the ultimate sacrifice for us.They died so that we live.


Life often comes knocking at my door
for a casual appraisal of our daily chore It chides me
often for wasting it away
for drifting with me and loosing myself in its sway

The other day i stood sentry after last light
when life came visiting at the sentry post site It gave me
a strange look and then remarked
how can you be a sentry for the life's better part

I looked at life and smiled at its loving concern
and said, "from a soldier, you have a lot to learn"
Gazing at the horizon and then yonder
I was ready with a reply, after a brief ponder

Life, you often spend your life without
a worthwhile cause
Today you must think and give yourself
a brief pause....

Life was taken aback, to be astonished she was surprised,

and she was astonished

When a sentry stands guard in his
battle fatigues dressed
He is the one , who is doubly blessed
Blesses him God, for the harsh duty he stands Blesses him
all people for safety to them
and their lands

When i stand sentry, i enable the children to read
to grow up tomorrow and give us the lead When i stand
sentry, the farmers till their land
They churn out rich crops from the grains of sand

When i stand sentry, the doctors save your progeny
they toil to carry out life saving surgery When i stand
sentry, factories work day and night
contributing in no small measure to the nation's might

When i stand sentry, in comfort works the scientific minds
to reinvent science and making us proud with their new find
When i stand sentry, in peace the people sleep
to awaken the next day, ready for a giant leap

When i stand sentry, on the alter of duty i pray
tell me life of all, who is the luckiest today My duty is
GOD, my duty is DIVINE
Whats better than life in the duty's line

Jai Hind.


Unknown said...

I salute all dose comandos who sacrifised their lives for us
but dey sacrifised their lives so dat we can live peacefully but wat we r doing for dem .each comando or d soldier who lost his life in a war is trying to say somthing, do we ever dared to hear wat dose lives or their souls want to say nothing much dey r trying to say dat now each and every men have to fight against terrorism like our forefathers fought for our freedom .

Unknown said...

They die so we true!
My heart goes out to Sandeep's family. To lose an only son while you are still alive is the worst torture a parent could suffer! We should definitely not let the sacrifice go wasted!