Friday, March 20, 2009

Why not death for Rapists?

Josef Fritzl, raped his daugher 3000 times, after confining her to a bunker for 24 years. She had 7 childern from him, one on who he killed . He confessed to his crimes, and says he feels sorry !!!He gets life behind prison !!!Why wasnt his head chopped off ???

Yesterday a 55 year old man was arrested for alledgedly raping his daughters. His lawyer says on national TV, that the daughters are lying.He questions, how can such a thing happen for 2/3 years with no one knowing ? Matter is subjudice, let the law decide. Worry is when ???

Another case in Shimla, teachers rape their students and are arrested. Medical examinations prove the rape.

2 and 3 year old girls get raped by maniacs whislt they are sleeping and get thrown into the gutter. Media covers it for a day, and they forget this. The poor girl sadly was not story material.

An excerpt from Times, which I read few months back, where the court asked the rapist, why he shouldnt be given death sentence?

Resorting to an unprecedented interpretation of criminal law to ensure "true justice" in the rape-murder of a six-year-old girl, whose body too was subjected to conscience-jolting treatment, the Punjab and Haryana High Court on Tuesday asked a man, convicted for life for the heinous crime, why his life sentence should not be enhanced to death. The post-mortem of six-year-old girl, who was raped and murdered by Ibrahimin 2001, revealed that a 10 cm-long piece of sugarcane was found thrust through her vagina into the lower abdominal cavity.

Child abuse being treated like another petty crime is a shame on our rich tradition and culture . The same culture which is quoted for everything necessary and irrelevant . But when it comes to such a dastardly crime, our law makers take the cover of giving him a chance to repent, or may be his is a maniac, so treat him and what not.

Why should he be spared??

Would we still argue, capital punishment is cruel ??

Would we still say, he is mentally not sound and should be treated and brought back to society??

Why shouldnt the parents of that 6 yr old girl be allowed to shove a sugar cane piece up his *** and leave him to bleed to death ?

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