Saturday, March 28, 2009

Double standards by media and cops ???

We are coming across Police busting parties often, in bangalore and in mumbai.
The media end up celebrating this as if the cops have managed to bust a terror cell who would have blasted a nuclear bomb here.

The "culprits" are paraded in front of herds of mediamen, and their hungry lenses capture these people to be shown to a national audience. The so called rave party busted in bangalore, and the party in Mumbai were televised like national events.

This when, the poice provides masks for culprits in rape/murder and even terrorists .

It irritates to see young college students paraded in front of TV sleuths as if they were culprits, at the same time covering up faces of terrorists...

What rule is this ???

The guilty should be punished... My point is on the media exposure being given to such cases.

Most of them were treated by police and media like convicts, and were being paraded..

Where as they police themselves issued face masks to dreaded terrorists even when they were taken after being convicted.


Jayadev said...
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Jayadev said...

Nice entries, CT; I like the Mango stories.

The thoughts expressed on torture of elephants and animals at large show your concern.

It's a sad world with few pockets / moments of joy. Let's make the best of it!