Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Why cant we party ????

Bangalore works 24 hours..

We earn the most foreign money for India..

We are the IT capital ..

Why does banglore gets a differential treatment when it gets to unwinding ???Its not even about partying...

Hyd is open till 1 am.. Mumbai goes till 1.30 - 2.00 am..

The cops dont throw you out ..Travel across the globe and u see night life starting at 12 mid night..

In bangalore, we get thrown out at 11.30 and then they treat u as if u were some anti social elements..I have had my share of such experiences, where cops havent let guests finish their food, and forcefully made them leave, using abusive language ..

Bangaloreans are much better in terms of civic responsibilties and our records on crime and hooliganism are much much low compared to most Indian cities..still..!!!

Now on Sunday morn party was busted and 110 people taken in to custody and paraded in front of TV cameras as if they were terrorists from across the border.The allegations against them,

a)Its a Rave party - crime and judgement before the medical tests came out, not to mention no drugs were discovered at the venue

b)Thinly clad girls - Since when did short skirts and nodle straps become a crime ?

c)Obsene dance - Is there a secetion to punish someone dancing ? Then all doing salsa and jive on TV should be behind bars.

d) Loud noise- To borrow words from a friend in a social forum "How about the neighbourhood orchestras that are organised by the local rowdies with the bahana of Ganesh chaturti that doesnt disturb you ? Even with those C grade artists who will sing for 200 bucks and who sounds like he just got mothered by his wife and vice versa ?And jobless neighbours who burst crackers when the great 11 men in blue win a match over war torn Sri Lanka doesnt disturb you ? "

What wrong have bangaloreans done to deserve such a bad treatment ??

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Deepa Gopal said...

CT you have become highly spirited! I am reminded of the college days...election times!
Anyways, I certainly do agree with you. Why punish only them for partying when there are so many offenders of more serious and heinous crimes roaming around?