Tuesday, June 8, 2010

My Dream : from aashiana

My dream

I sit overlooking the cliff

Not even realizing the Breeze

When i look down and see the waves

I realize the vastness ahead is empty

Is there an angel who would appear

To lend a shoulder to disappear

I dont want to hide from the world

All i need is a chest to bury my head

The feel of being owned

The feel of being cared

The touch of reaffirming

The warmth of belonging

As she appears from the far side

I'm not sure if she is going to be aside

I don’t even know, if she is coming for me

Or if she also would walk past me

She comes close, her hair brushing my face

I know the smell of her perfume

She isn’t an angel,

She is for real

She holds my face

Looks at my eyes

Is there a drop of tear

Both of us may drop

Holding my face close to her

She whispers my name in my ear

I'm so light

She holds me tight

I look up to see her face

Is that the one I miss ?

A scream shatters the peace

Reality always bites

Woken up from my sleep

My day begins again

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