Monday, January 4, 2010

Criminal Justice or Justice for Criminals ???

Sadly our Criminal Justice system is to ensure Justice to Criminals.

Paki terrorists caught with 17 kgs RDX and 50 Kg Heroin, gets few yrs behind bars and were to be deported back to pak, when they escaped..

What are we showing to the world??

If you are successful in bringing your weapons and manage to kill our people, then we will give you a fair trail . We will listen to your grossly idiotic stories that, you came to watch a movie and was caught on wrong charges. Thus we would let the world applaud our justice system ??

But if we catch you before blasting, you will get few years in jail , and then you go back home and come back again well trained and equipped ?

Is it not time, that we start behaving like a nation serious about national security ? If you dare touch my land, ill ensure you touch nothing again for life ..Should that not be our policy..

Why are we so soft as a nation? When do we say that , if you dare attack my country and Ill finish you for ever. ??

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Unknown said...

Agreeing with u CT.
U are right...