Friday, May 27, 2011

Me and Time

The Alarm rang again... I need a way to permanently shut him down.... for ever ,I mean.

I never wore a watch, cos it reminds me of time. Nor did i ever keep a clock at home. I never liked time anyways. I would wake up when i woke up and sleep when i slept.

Why is my life time bound I thought. I slept late everyday, a late night movie after my daily quota of whiskey or whiskeys on the rocks.
The party went for long . Dont remember who dropped me, but someone would have. They had to be back in time, unlike me. Who ever dropped me, I thank you .
Oh yes, yeah,,, I do work .

I chase time lines, or do time lines chase me? I'm not sure.

Now, , Im waking up ............cos the alarm is still ringing.

1 comment:

Vipin said...

Use the pillow to smother it! works for me! :P