Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Media Mockery- Yet Again .

When Barkha Dutt’s interview with SRK on what he feels about Bal Thackeray was being telecast the Nth time in NDTV, and when Headlines Today was discussing if the guy who stabbed Rathore was a drama ploy by Rathore’s camp, and CNN IBN was discussing BT Brinjal, a small ignorable scroll was running that 16 Indian Soldiers had perished under an avalanche in Jammu, and at least 60 others were fighting for their lives under tons of snow.

Media is a profit game, TRPs do matter, and Sensitive stories capture imaginations. Our media is selective about deciding what we should hear.

Why isn’t that such a disaster would capture their time share?

How is a drop of blood from Rathore’s chin more important than 16 soldiers who died on duty?

Why is it that six people killed in a shooting incident in a far fledged state of USA gather media coverage in all our channels, but a boat capsize in a far away village of Bihar or Bengal just gets a passing remark .

Is media circumspect of human lives based on the TRPs that the news would garner?

Isn’t there a bigger role expected to be played by them ?

My homage to those brave army men who lost their lives saving us and keep getting ignored. Pardon us , if you can, for we feel that your lives are less valued than what a Thackeray would utter next .


Ananya said...

A fitting tribute to those who guard our borders so we can sleep in peace!

Unknown said...

rightly said!
commom mans life is also common,
lived or lost who cares
where is the glamour quotient in army men dying

Feather said...
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Feather said...

I agree totally with this post. It's sad that the news about the death of soldiers didn't even get a deserving headline. They sacrificed their lives for strangers and we are those strangers. And we show our gratitude by discussing about issues that earn us more TRP. * s i g h *

Let their souls rest in peace !

Jayadev said...

Well said, Manoj!