Monday, April 20, 2009

Time flies ...But why ?

1998 , april 19th.. A 23 yr old guy got married to his love for last 3 yrs, a 22 yr old girl..

When their groupmates were still studying, they were busy settling their life.

Its been 11 yrs now.. So much has changed. Still few of their batchmates are studying..

These two have two offsprings now, and life hasnt been the same.

Time flies, people keep saying that ...

Does it have to change so much ? May be it does ...But what if it was still ???

What if i could go back and present her a hero pen under the clock tower in botany dept ?

What if i could travel again with friends to patambi for the arts festival and then to Neeleswaram and stay in a palatial house with all those well wisher frends , thinking only of her ?

How about a train journey back from Neeleswaram singing songs, and me dying to sit next to her ?

Or even the afternoon walk at Subash chandra bose park in Cochin and then a Nooddles at Volga ?

Call me nostaligic... But I want to live back in time, which doesnt fly ...

A mad flight leaving behind the simple happiness of life , for the luxuries that lay somewhere hidden ?

How much I wish , time didnt fly


Deepa Gopal said...

Wish you both an extraordinary & blissful anniversary!!!
True...time does fly! & then it seems like yester':)

Rajeswari said...

Belated Anniversary Wishes!


Traveller said...

bit belated... but heartfelt best wishes... May the Joy continue....


Super said...

wonderful guruji...
u r superb :-)